Why choose us?

We believe there are a number of reasons why you should choose LT Carpentry for your bespoke items of furniture.

A better design and creation process

What sets us apart from other cabinet makes is our ability to build the majority of our projects in our workshop. While other carpenters will order materials from suppliers, then use your flat /house to do all the cuttings and finishing, we have the capacity to build our own carcasses, doors, drawer boxes and finish our cabinets in our own workshop. This process allows us to control quality and finish work more quickly than our competitors, but more importantly, it saves installation time, and reduces dust and noise created in your home during installation.

Quick installation

On installation day, we usually bring a big, fully finished flat-pack, and simply assemble this in your property. Small cabinets or freestanding furniture are usually fully assembled in workshop. Of course, there will be a few cuts onsite, including trimming plinths or side trims, but we always make sure your carpets and furniture are protected from dust at all times.

A genuinely local cabinet maker

Another reason to use LT carpentry is our location. Conveniently based in West London. We think that tradespeople like us should only work locally, in order reduce unnecessary congestion and pollution on the roads. If others followed suit, this would ultimately make London better place to live.

Truly bespoke furniture

And the last thing – we are truly bespoke. Unlike with the most of the kitchen and bedroom shops, none our cabinets are of a standard size. If you, for example, have a space 986mm wide, we will not give you option of 800mm or two numbers of 450mm wide units to fit this space. We will make the entire cabinet and doors to be 986mm – precisely.

To find out more about any aspect of our service, or to arrange a free, no-obligation site visit from one of our professional cabinet makers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

About Us

We are dedicated to the design and creation of brilliant, bespoke furniture for residential and commercial clients in Oxon. Dont hesitate to get in touch.

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